• nissei


    An article of the new office building completion of NISSEI REAL ESTATE was published on “The Niigata Nippo”.

    Midas was introduced as the interior design firm in the article.

    The Niigata Nippo

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    A report of ”A study on the actual cases and effects of interaction zone at workplace” has been published on ”Japan Research Institute” web site.

    Takeyoshi KOMATSU, Representative Director, President and Kiyohiko OZAWA, Director had an interview with JRI last year for their report ”A study on the actual cases and effects of interaction zone at workplace”, and the final report was uploaded on their web site.

    A study on the actual cases and effects interaction zone at workplace

  • ヒューマンスキル教育研究3


    Human Skill Education Studies Issue 25 features an interview with Midas.

    Human Skill Education Studies, an official journal published by Society of Education of “Secretary” and “Service and Receiving Visitors”, has featured an interview with Representative Director Takeyoshi Komatsu and Director Kiyohiko Ozawa from Midas.

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    ‘FRANCE JAPON ÉCO’ features an article about the Japanese governmental office’s workplace.

    ‘FRANCE JAPON ÉCO’ features an article about the recent changes inside of the Japanese governmental office in terms of workplace and organization; a short interview of Jean-Charles Touquet, project director at Midas is excerpted to support the contents.

  • mslogo


    An article featuring on Midas office has been published on “Minna no Shigotoba (meaning Everyone’s Workplace),” a web site run by ASKUL Furniture.

    “Minna no Shigotoba,” a web site run by ASKUL Furniture, has been renewed as a place to offer ideas on how to create office spaces by introducing a variety of workplaces and workstyles of various corporations. The article has focused on Midas office space as well as workstyle in details.

    Communicate while concentrating - secrets of multifunctional office

  • lofficiel2016.11表紙


    L’OFFICIEL JAPAN 2016 NOV Issue published an interview with Midas

    Parisian luxury fashion magazine “L’OFFICIEL” November Issue features Tsukiji, a place famous for having a Metropolitan fish market.  Takeyoshi Komatsu, the president of Midas, expressed his views about the value of having an office in Tsukiji in the featured article.

  • キャプチャ


    The ACCJ Journal features an article about “New Office.”

    The ACCJ Journal features an article about “New Office,” discussing various aspects and needs required for today’s workplace and expressing it is becoming much more than just the place we go to work. Jean-Charles Touquet, a project director of Midas, expresses his views about the office design that attracts and retains employees. Photos of Midas office is featured in the article.

    The ACCJ Journal

  • shokumiru


    Midas Office featured in Shokumiru.

    Shokumiru, a website managed by a University student is introducing the Midas office through the Intern’s point of view. An interesting and different aspect!

    SHOKUMIRU [Introduction of an Office Design company in Tsukiji!]

  • archmag


    Midas interview published in the monthly magazine “Architect’s Magazine”

    Takeyoshi Komatsu, the President of Midas, is interviewed by The Architect’s Magazine and describe the Midas’ philosophy: “Creating office with theory and sensitivity”

  • qualitas2


    “Qualitas” Magazine features The Next Generation Office

    ”Qualitas” business magazine features the Midas office as a Best Practice example in its story “BORDERLESS OFFICE—Learning from the next generation offices”

    May 20.2014 「Qualitas」 P.29