Our commitments

Create a new place for “work” in everyone’s life

Illust: Create a new place for “work” in everyone’s life

We at Midas always begin our missions with a question:
What makes “working” more meaningful for the client?
To be liberated from the restrictions of when, where, and how they work;
To be more autonomous to boost their motivation;
Or to have their creativity enhanced by quick access to different talents for collaborations…
Our purpose is to take you through a journey to redefine day-to-day “working” life, to identify your ideal.
Creating an office space is our means to achieve it.
We are Midas, and we are committed.

Our missions

Boosting your productivity

An office is an important asset to enhance productivity. Imagine, you can choose your place in the office to suit your tasks at hand? A private booth if you want to concentrate alone; an open area for having a productive discussion; or a dedicated online meeting room to meet with remote clients. Allowing everyone to achieve what they set out to do by giving them spaces optimized for doing those tasks – the result is enhanced performance. The office must also be a place where every person can be confident and respected in what they say or do. We help you to achieve such an office through office design, so each individual can realize their potentials.

Establishing your brand image

An office is also a tool to show people what your company is all about. Brand image, appropriately designed and executed, will work for you to engage your employees, resulting in better retention rates. Also, your prospective employees will have positive impressions of your company. We discuss with our clients how to leverage existing brand image, or how to revamp it altogether. This process is a crucial factor to create an office that ‘speaks’ to people.

Illust: Establishing your brand image

Facilitating your innovations

Diversity in the organization is a crucial ingredient for innovating. An appropriate office can facilitate organic interaction between unique talents, and for this it needs to be flexible to accommodate various needs of different teams – like an enclosed space for a task that demands concentration and an open area for exchanging views and opinions. To accelerate innovations, the office must cater to different modes of communication.

Thinking about sustainability

Many options can be considered to design an office to lower environmental impact, such as green office furniture, paperless work, and choices of office layouts and lighting equipment for reducing energy consumption. If our clients want to contribute toward achieving SDGs, we have their backs. It is our contribution to make society sustainable through helping them to have workplaces where people can work with ease, whenever and wherever, while boosting the social and economic value of our clients.

Illust: Thinking about sustainability