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  • Workplace Strategy

    • We would like to be a good partner for clients who want to transform business by leveraging office creation. Midas will recommend the ideal office environment and achieve business goals by enhancing workers’ motivation, intellectual productivity and corporate brand image. Work style transformation is a key success factor for office creation. For that matter, we begin workplace strategy establishment with capturing and analyzing employees’ ecology by vision session, Web-based survey and interview survey, just to name a few. There is no one-size-fit-all design solution for every essential activity happening in office because there is a wide and complicated diversity of actions, such as chatting, sharing work, concentration, conversation, creation, co-creation, huddling, briefing and debriefing, show-and-tell, and process-and-respond. First, we would analyze these actions with our office survey, and identify underutilized area and issues to be solved. From the problem, we would translate into optimal space allocation and zoning plan. Throughout these processes, each employee gets a sense of participation and realizes that he/she is engaging with the office creation. The engagement with the employees will make office creation touching event. This emotional experience of togetherness will motivate people and yield higher productivity, and can be a driver for company transformation.
      Workplace Strategy Process
  • Office design

    • Office is an important message tool to express their company philosophy and vision. Interior design just as an external factor to create visual impact can only be functional at superficial level, but cannot be expected to evolve continuously. What we propose is not such design, but “office design with theory and sensitivity”. Based on the unique consulting style with thorough search and analysis, Midas proposes design for future based on growth perspective of a company. We support from planning phase to completion/deliver phase. Reduction of redundant expense and project time span can be achieved through comprehensive management of whole processes. The process includes; office consulting, office design, furniture procurement, construction management and maintenance. While office consulting is theoretical, office design is of sensitivity. Office space can provoke workers’ voluntary behavior when vision and brand image are expressed in a sensitive design with logical interpretation of design conditions. Midas design team, with experience of more than 5000 projects, has the ability in creating ideal office that embodies company vision.
      • Huddle Together
      • Show & Tell Together
      • Process & Respond Alone
      • Meeting Together
  • Building renewal

    • In order to improve property value, Midas starts to investigate regional characteristics, targeted tenants, building conditions and legal regulations. Midas executes a building renewal project with comprehensive services that encompass programing to determine design conditions, architectural design, project management, construction management and maintenance.